An Ode to the Sleeping Scripturient

You froze the times we’d love to share; you brought back the times we couldn’t freeze. We danced in your prose, and we sang through your poetry. We were immortal in your works, both you and I. Your tears watered the seeds of creation; your cries set the fires of imagination ablaze. Your sighs and... Continue Reading →

My Seven Deadly Sins

Lust. Because I still long for you, carnally, passionately, and intensely. I still dream of those lips, their soft, thundering kisses. I still yearn for those hands, their gentle, fervent strokes and caresses. I still miss the heat we share, its ardent, blissful warmth that fills the space between us. Lust, because after all these... Continue Reading →

I Thought Wrong

I thought I have healed; I thought that I no longer cared, that I no longer hurt. I thought I have moved on, I thought I no longer am under your spell, that I am free from your power. I thought that I have liberated myself from your embrace; I thought that yours is a... Continue Reading →

You Loved Me, and I Am Sorry

You loved me despite my flaws, beyond my imperfection, undeterred by my obstinacy-- unconditionally. You loved me in the face of adversity, notwithstanding your insecurities, even with oppositions from your friends-- faithfully. You loved me even with my cold treatment, against my discouraging remarks, in contempt of the things you see and hear-- bravely. You... Continue Reading →

You Were My Coffee

You were my coffee-- some say a luxury, and for me a necessity. You were my coffee, and you were how I wanted it to be: sometimes sweet, sometimes smooth, sometimes dark, sometimes strong. You were my coffee: you kept me all night long, you made my heart race, you kept me warm, you gave... Continue Reading →

I Almost Forgot

I almost forgot that bittersweet aching of not being able to move on, that feeling of helplessness shrouded with a smile whenever I see you with someone else. I almost forgot that I am trying to forget all these, and I yet, I remember them so vividly.

My 03:00 AM Shadow

03:00 AM. Gloomy. Serene. Depressing. I see the lights flicker as the water rush and tricycles pass in front of me. The darkness surrounds the city; the sounds of sadness envelope school. The ember of hell-driven stick dances in the dark, the smokes bellow, uprising against the suffocating anesthetic of the suburbs. 03:00 AM. Silent.... Continue Reading →

A Face in the Crowd

The lights flicker as the music drowns my sanity, vodka has done its job: inhibitions faded, ecstasy escalted, and momentary bliss experienced. I see you. I see your face. Same hair. Different person. You dance your way through the crowd, as I suffer the guilt of misleading you to a love that's true. I was... Continue Reading →

Concordant Dissonance

I look at you, and I sigh. My heart is a whirlpool of emotions; my brain, an abyss of thoughts. So many things to ask you, so many things to say. I practice the words, the clearest way possible, sharp like an arrow, loud like thunder. I line up my thoughts, one after the other:... Continue Reading →

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