Do Not Fall In Love With Me

Do not fall in love with me because I never stay. I always move around. I travel every now and then; I get sent to almost  anywhere, often with no prior notice. You’ll only get to see me for a few days once a month—and it’ll be worth it. I’ll take you to places: movies,... Continue Reading →

Fruitage of Boredom

I kind of got bored tonight, so I decided to create new banners for my Tumblr blog’s slide banner. Something that will represent me better. So here they are. They are arranged in this exact order in the slide. I kind of got lost after the fourth banner, so I created a semi-business card for... Continue Reading →

To My Dear Readers

I may not be able to write and publish as many articles as before daily since I will be busy writing a lot of creative and marketing articles, as well as distributing press releases locally (US-based) and internationally this first two weeks of March for the new books we are going to release. However, I... Continue Reading →

Thank YOU!

_____ Yesterday alone, my blog received 313 unique views, surpassing my previous best-ever log of 124 a day. Thank you for supporting my blog, homies. I got 222 views from the Philippines, which is my home country. When I started this blog, I never intended to be very active--that is, to post daily. But then,... Continue Reading →

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