Just My First ‘Tuslob Buwa’ Experience

Living in Echaves Street, Cebu City, I always pass by Azul Cebu when going home or going to work. They used to be a convenience store with a little space outside where people can sit and bond as they drink beer from the store. But a few months ago, they began selling tuslob buwa—a local... Continue Reading →

Cafe Noriter: More Like ‘Cafe No Return’

Cafe Noriter is a somehow new coffee shop here in Cebu City. Noriter (놀이터, pronounced /nɔrɪtə/) is the Korean word for “playground,” or one of the Korean words for playground. According to the staff, it is the only branch here in the Philippines, but there is one in Manila (so I really do not understand... Continue Reading →

February 06, 2012 — Intensity 6.9

It was a quarter before noon, and I was browsing through the Chicago Manual of Styles, Sixteenth Edition. I was getting ready for the tenth exercise that I have to take for my copyediting skills improvement. Today was just like all the other rainy and gloomy days. Nothing really spectacular. Ms. Jill was beside me doing... Continue Reading →

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