Death Woke Us Up

It’s been a few months since my best friend, Johsthony, told me about his father’s battle with lung cancer, and today, Johst was scheduled to go home to talk to his father. Johst had his usual sleepover in my place, and around 5:30 in the morning, we were awaken by sound of a phone call.... Continue Reading →

A Response to One of My Readers’ Quesiton

So one of my readers (I decided not to call them followers because [1] it make me feel that they are inferior and [2] I feel like I am some kind of a cult leader) asked me the question shown above. Instead of answering him or her in Tumblr, I decided to write a blog... Continue Reading →

Haiku Anthology

The Calling A leaf has fallen for destiny is callin’ “Leaf, return to dust!”   Mori (Death) Deception and lies, causes great conflict to rise And its end is death.   Adrift The wind blew away, a leaf unworthy to stay. Alas! He's no more.   Tomorrow My world is falling myriads of colors coming.... Continue Reading →

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