She Remembers

He was inside, tinkering with the console, pushing buttons and flicking switches. The constant humming of the machine made itself manifest inside the control room. Aside from that sound, there was nothing but silence. He leaned forward, toward the glass cylinder that stood in the middle of the room, and stared at the mechanism, the... Continue Reading →

The “Previously Unseen” Incarnation Reaction

Dear fellow Whovians, John Hurt’s character in the The Day of the Doctor cannot be an older version of the Eighth nor Ninth Doctors (or any other First to Tenth versions of the Doctor) since Eleventh made it clear that Hurt is a version of himself that is not the Doctor. In the episode “In the Name... Continue Reading →

November 23, 2013: Whose Day Is It?

So recently, One Direction has announced a big day for them and their fans, the 1DDay, “an exciting opportunity for everyone everywhere to take part in a unique global event, providing an exclusive insight into the lives of One Direction—and the people around them. 1D Day will consist of a seven hour stream, filmed live... Continue Reading →

The Thirteenth Doctor Formulation

It was established in The Deadly Assassin (1976) that a Time Lord can regenerate twelve times before permanently dying–a total of thirteen incarnations. In the 1996 television movie the Eighth Doctor explicitly said that a Time Lord has “thirteen lives.” Wouldn’t it be fascinating that the Thirteenth Doctor (presumably the last incarnation) be a blonde female, just to break... Continue Reading →

The Twelfth Doctor Regeneration

The current choice for the Twelfth Doctor has brought rift among the fans, especially between those who actually care about the continuity of the series and those fan girls who are into erotic fan fiction with the Doctor. Why complain about the age of the Twelfth Doctor? Earlier incarnations were old as well, especially the... Continue Reading →

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