M’s Journal: Scribbled Emotions

My name is Justice, or J as they call me, and I right now, I am sitting all alone under a cherry blossom tree, thinking of my younger brother Methushael. What had happened this morning totally changed my perception toward my younger brother. He left three months ago, and I do not know I ever... Continue Reading →

Precipice and Prospice: Of Earthquakes and Tidal Waves

Kaiih opened his eyes. His vision was blurry; his head hurts from all the information he had to take in. He held his left temple and shook his head. He blinked his eyes, thinking it will help him recover his vision. He waited for a while until he could see clearly. He breathed, a long... Continue Reading →

The Rain that Poured Today

I am a writer. I write for anyone and everyone who hires my service. But I am also a poet. And I only write poems for those that I deem worthy of my affection and every form of my deepest positive emotion. Because some things are better left unsaid but are best written. The rain... Continue Reading →

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