The Closet

Andrew pulled his blanket over to cover his head. The scratching sound began to sound even louder this time. He knew this room was cheap, that this is the only room he could afford, but what he did not know was the scratching that came from the closet. The scratching that comes to visit him... Continue Reading →

Writing Is a Worthless Passion: A Fallacy

Ever since I was a kid, my mother has been telling me that I cannot make enough money out of writing, but I proved her wrong, and I will continue to prove those people who say the same wrong. I have heard this opinion from so many people and even from the media—movies, TV series,... Continue Reading →

A Writer’s Dilemma

Q. When referring to a zombie, should I use the relative pronoun who (which would refer to a person) or that (since, technically, the zombie is no longer living)? Essentially, does a zombie cease to become a “person” in the grammatical sense? A. Let’s assume this is a serious question, in which case you, as the writer,... Continue Reading →

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