Recipe: Beer-Batter Maple Syrup Bacon Spring Break Cupcakes

I have been a fan of 2 Broke Girls since I came across the first episode. I love every character in the show, but what I love most are the cupcakes. Since the episode that Max made those beer-batter maple syrup bacon spring break cupcakes, I have been trying to recreate it, but there seems... Continue Reading →

Just My First ‘Tuslob Buwa’ Experience

Living in Echaves Street, Cebu City, I always pass by Azul Cebu when going home or going to work. They used to be a convenience store with a little space outside where people can sit and bond as they drink beer from the store. But a few months ago, they began selling tuslob buwa—a local... Continue Reading →

The American Pepper

I am going to share one of the favorite stories that I used when I was still in the ESL teaching profession. The author of this work is unknown, but it is safe to assume that he or she is Indian. Some say that this is an urban legend going around India, and not a... Continue Reading →

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