The Blurry Friendship Escalation

Ever since I could ever remember, I am not the kind of person who takes friendship for granted. I might be silent for some time, but that does not mean that I no longer care. Once I considered you my friend, you remain in the same status—well, unless you violate or one of my closest... Continue Reading →

Arguing with Myself: The Friendship-Solitude Reaction

Strangers become friends; friends become strangers. That’s life. Sometimes, it is them; sometimes, it is us. What reveals the reason of friends becoming strangers can come in different ways: either you ask them or you make an in-depth self-examination where you went wrong. If answers still don’t come, then maybe, just maybe, you never shared... Continue Reading →

Spur of the Moment

I stood up; you looked at me, and moved your stare away.Those eyes, those self-same eyes that used to look at mewith passion, love, affection. Now, they look at mewith disgust, ignorance, oblivion—nothing. I see nothingin those eyes but the bitterness of broken friendship and lovethat has not been consummated.Gone were the days where friendship... Continue Reading →

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