The Ten Comma-ndements

One of the most used, misused, and abused punctuation is the comma. We use them in almost every sentence we write. We can also see them in almost every sentence we read. And a lot of them have scattered around the Internet—often, in the most inappropriate way of using them. I have seen so many... Continue Reading →

Avoiding Grammar Nazis: A Grammar Jew’s Survival Guide Volume 2

One of my followers posted this comment on the article about word usage I posted yesterday: How about “He was sat on a bench” or “She was stood at the bus stop”? These are mistakes that are creeping into the language. I’ve even seen them written in daily newspaper columns. Shocking! In response to her... Continue Reading →

How Does a Semicolon Sound Like?

A few weeks ago, one of my friends asked me, “Hey, Kirbz, how does a semicolon sound like?” I was, at first, confused with his question. I thought he was asking how to pronounce the word semicolon, but it turns out that he was actually asking if semicolon has a specific accent or pause when... Continue Reading →

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