Liquid Courage

I have memorized these lines before, but still my tongue falters. I gathered all my strength to speak what I feel about you, yet every time a smile paints in your lips, I render myself defenceless. How I wanted to tell you that my world is complete because of your presence, yet your presence alone,... Continue Reading →

I Lost You

The words I read froze my heart, the roof caved in, the walls got closer, I was shrinking, yet getting older the way I feel, I wish you knew, but the words wont leave so now I'm screwed. I swear I try, I try so hard, pieces don't fit, I cry so hard I need... Continue Reading →

Alone Again

If you must stay, let it be because you want to, Not because you have to. Let go of the commitment, It’s useless to hold on to a bond that’s breaking. Let go of the promises, We might not be able to keep ‘em well. Let go of the pity, That isn’t what I want nor what I need. It has always been like this, I love. I lost.

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