I do not usually go to bars and pubs nor do I drink beer, but tonight was different. I was drenched in tears and heartache. My chest could have exploded from the pain if only it could. I decided to entertain myself and get myself some beer before I head home. I dropped by at... Continue Reading →

My Life as a Writer: Its Ups and Downs

Ever since I was a kid, I seldom find my mind inside my head. I would always find it floating somewhere else: in the past, the future, in the present but at some other places or in some parallel universes where I am a prince, a warrior, a savior, or whatever—but of course I have super... Continue Reading →

The Ten Comma-ndements

One of the most used, misused, and abused punctuation is the comma. We use them in almost every sentence we write. We can also see them in almost every sentence we read. And a lot of them have scattered around the Internet—often, in the most inappropriate way of using them. I have seen so many... Continue Reading →

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