Word War: Celebrant vs Celebrator

When you celebrate your birthday, are you the celebrant or the celebrator? For some people, the words may seem synonymous and interchangeable, while some may not have even heard the word celebrator. Most people use the phrase “birthday celebrant” to refer to people who celebrate their birthday. Now, is this correct or is this only... Continue Reading →

Twang vs. Slang: The Common Misconception

I have not really thought of writing an article about this until my cousin (I do not know if he considers me as his cousin, but I do; it’s not that I have been disowned, but just because) asked me, “What is a twangy accent?” Well, here in the Philippines, people consider slang as kind... Continue Reading →

Building Your Vocabulary

The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and the lightning bug. —Mark Twain Often times, we find ourselves groping for the right words to describe somebody or something, be it abstract or concrete. Unlike Shakespeare, we do not have the authority to coin new words to... Continue Reading →

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