Ten Perks of Dating an English and/or Literature Major

My previous post focused on the backwashes of dating people like me, an English and literature major. But of course, something that comes with disadvantages also comes with perks, especially English and/or literature majors. So here are some of the many perks one can enjoy by dating people like me. Free proofreading. Whether you ask... Continue Reading →

An Analysis of Eudora Wetly’s “A Worn Path”

The story A Worn Path by Eudora Welty tells the account of Phoenix Jackson, an elderly African-American woman who lived in the Mississippi. Her account was about her journey from her quiet rural life to town to get the medicine for her beloved grandson who, two years ago, accidentally swallowed lye. His injury did not... Continue Reading →

The American Pepper

I am going to share one of the favorite stories that I used when I was still in the ESL teaching profession. The author of this work is unknown, but it is safe to assume that he or she is Indian. Some say that this is an urban legend going around India, and not a... Continue Reading →

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