Getting to Know Sentence Structures

Back when I was in the ESL career, I taught technical and creative writing to some of the advance students we had. One of the basic topics I covered is the sentence structure (or types of sentences). I usually give at least a week to discuss all the elements of a sentence with my students—that... Continue Reading →

A Response to One of My Readers’ Quesiton

So one of my readers (I decided not to call them followers because [1] it make me feel that they are inferior and [2] I feel like I am some kind of a cult leader) asked me the question shown above. Instead of answering him or her in Tumblr, I decided to write a blog... Continue Reading →

Building Your Vocabulary

The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and the lightning bug. —Mark Twain Often times, we find ourselves groping for the right words to describe somebody or something, be it abstract or concrete. Unlike Shakespeare, we do not have the authority to coin new words to... Continue Reading →

A Writer’s Dilemma

Q. When referring to a zombie, should I use the relative pronoun who (which would refer to a person) or that (since, technically, the zombie is no longer living)? Essentially, does a zombie cease to become a “person” in the grammatical sense? A. Let’s assume this is a serious question, in which case you, as the writer,... Continue Reading →

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