Arguing with Myself: A Bad Decision that Screwed Me Over

So earlier today, I underwent a part of our continuous improvement program at work. During the assessment, we had an extemporaneous exercise, where I was asked "What was a bad decision that you made? What did you learn from it? What would you do differently?" I never really thought of it before, but then, it came back.... Continue Reading →

Everything Has Changed: An Afterword

The promise of love that stays when love is gone—it’s a bittersweet refrain of a nostalgic song. Nostalgia is fine, but then, life happens, and it bites you; and you have to wake up and face reality. And within the realms of my reality, everything hurts like hell.

The Lies of a Traitor

The room was well lit, and the silence within it was deafening. So silent that I could even hear the breathing of the other person sitting next to me. My hands were cuffed together like I was some maniac trying to kill a someone at hair’s breath. His eyes were fixed on me, and I... Continue Reading →

When Cheaters Win

Reign slammed his fist on the table. He was crying; his sobbing was uncontrollable. He could feel his temples throbbing; the pain was totally unbearable. Tears were running down his cheeks. He fixed his eyes on Star. Rage was in his eyes. If looks could kill, Star would have been dead. Star was feeling uneasy,... Continue Reading →

I Was Never Romantic

l was never romantic. Roses meant nothing, but just flowers my mother used to grow in her garden. Chocolate was nothing, but something that pleases me when l am depressed. l was never romantic. Candle lights? Well, they are a sign we haven’t paid our electric bill. Love Songs? Those are the stuff they play... Continue Reading →

Paradox of Love

If I want this to continue; then, I have to stop. Things are not as they were. You say you love me, but all I feel is nothing but my petty insignificance. I am a placebo: something that heals, but really does not. My presence is what you need, but how about the things that... Continue Reading →

Emergency Room

I regret the night we fought. Because of my stupid pride, I said, "We should end this." I thought I knew how it looked right now, and I thought you'd go looking for me, yet several days pass without any news of you at all. Because you are always so good to me, I hardly... Continue Reading →

When Love Arrived

Being a hopeless romantic teen (or so I was years ago), I thought I knew love—or that I’d know love when it arrives. But I was wrong. I did not really have someone specific in mind when I used to think of love, but I have had some specific attributes in mind. I imagined Love... Continue Reading →

The Blurry Friendship Escalation

Ever since I could ever remember, I am not the kind of person who takes friendship for granted. I might be silent for some time, but that does not mean that I no longer care. Once I considered you my friend, you remain in the same status—well, unless you violate or one of my closest... Continue Reading →

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