learning to let go: gratitude and acceptance

I found you in the most unlikely way, but really it was you who found me. I was miserable before we met; I was a mess. I had no direction, I had no purpose in life, and I had no idea what I wanted. When you came, I was hesitant, not because I wasn’t sure... Continue Reading →

My Battle Against Anxiety and Depression

Those who know me have seen how different I have been lately. It was something I did not want to acknowledge at first; I did not want to admit—even to myself—that I have changed, and not for the better. It was difficult for me to actually put things into perspective, let alone words, that I... Continue Reading →

Building Your Vocabulary

The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and the lightning bug. —Mark Twain Often times, we find ourselves groping for the right words to describe somebody or something, be it abstract or concrete. Unlike Shakespeare, we do not have the authority to coin new words to... Continue Reading →

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