Class Assessment

First Assessment (Computer Skills Assessment): CLICK HERE

For numbers 1-2: Visit, and you should see the Sprint homepage.

Note: If you see the welcome page that lets you choose between ‘Current Customer’ or ‘Just Browsing’, click on the ‘Personal’ link under ‘Just Browsing’. You will then be directed to the Sprint homepage.

Second Assessment: DiSC Profile Test

Download the file, answer it, save it to a local folder, and send to Rachel’s e-mail ( as an attachment. Make sure you attach it before sending the e-mail to her.

Please make sure that you answer one most AND one least for every number (see illustration below).


Third Assessment (InforTalent): CLICK HERE


Below are your employee numbers.

Nick Name Employee Number
Gab 270514
Gel 262026
Judai 269479
Len 271334
Geoff 270698
Mark 267673
Jappy 272359
Lynn 272720
Ice 231280
Lime 273189
Jen 272379
Kate 268855
Joy 271294
Josh 272832
Long 272000
Weng 269617
Ayie 266956
Pepsi 272360
Tin 235381
JR 272264
Irah 272028
Nate 270845
Angel 273160


Fourth Assessment: CLICK HERE

This is a typing test, and the passing WPM is 28. Make sure you get at least 28 WPM at the end of this part of your assessment. If not, try again until you get the passing score. Make sure your quality is not compromised as well.

If you have any question or need anything else, please let me know.

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