The Lost Boy

12718280_1289448074404626_4383387599086618845_nMy name is Kirby Keith. I have an AB English degree with dual focus on linguistics and literature. I was an ESL instructor for four or five years, teaching grammar, vocabulary, writing, and conversation strategy classes before I started my career in a publishing company. I started out as an editor, where I edited manuscripts to adhere to the Chicago Manual of Style and Society of Biblical Literature guidelines before they proceed to the layout, printing, and eventually, publication stages. I became a book media publicist after six months, where I wrote press releases using the Associated Press guidelines for the books we publish every week and distributed them local [US based] and international . I have also been a freelance academic, creative, content, feature, and marketing writer for almost five to six years. My clients include students and professionals alike.

Right now, I am a global communications trainer in one of the Philippines’s pioneering contact centers. I help new hires speak Standard American English by facilitating English fluency classes, which include pronunciation, grammar, effective use of voice, etc., and help them with their impromptu speaking skills. I also help them improve their customer service skills through call role plays.

Writing and reading has been my most passionate hobbies since I was a kid. My other hobbies include reading mangas and manhwas [Japanese and Korean comics respectively]; watching Japanese animes, cartoons, TV series, and movies during my spare time; and I also enjoy cosplaying. Whenever I have the time, I also cook and bake for myself or my friends. I am a core member, pioneer, and co-founder of a local art guild (graphic and performing arts, but we specialize in cosplay) called Anigumi Joukai (or AniJou for short).

In my sober mood (not that I drink a lot and get wasted [I don’t actually drink since I have allergy with alcohol]), I write poetry focusing on pain, death, depression, and whatnots. I also write short fiction, and I have even written a few novels, which have not been published.

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  1. You write really well! I had a good time going through your articles/stories. Although, I haven’t read all of them, I know they are all awesome. And so, I will be dropping by often 🙂
    Great work Kirby! 🙂

  2. Wish I could say “niceeeee” (in a smooth way) to sound cool, but “nice” is such an understatement. Great work! I signed myself up right away and followed you. ❤️

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