What’s In a Name?

Names are very powerful. Aside from identifying something, in every belief and folklore, names carry magical and sorcerous properties, which gives the person whose knowledge of someone’s or something’s true name power over the entity. My blog has had three names since I started blogging in 2009. Each name represents something significant in my life, however uncool the name maybe.

My blog’s first name is Knavish Kirby Keith, which is very simple. I liked the idea that my blog’s name initial would be KKK. It started when my world literature professor asked me for an adjective for myself, and the adjective should start with my initial. The first word that came to mind was knavish. I really had no idea why, and I just went with it anyway. Growing up, my older siblings, all seven of them, have always described me as such anyway, so I thought it was fitting.

Last 2012, I decided to give my blog a name makeover. I went with My Organised Chaos, going with the British spelling since someone else bought the domain with the American spelling. I love the oxymoron, although I know such name is a cliché. I chose the name since I do not really have any main theme for a blog. I write fiction, non-fiction, poetry, etc., and I feel that there is order anyway. I borrowed a line from Rick Riordan’s Kane Chronicles series as my blog’s tagline: “Creating order out of chaos, beauty and meaning out of ugly randomness,” as I see it fit.

Lately, I feel like I lost the love I had at first for writing. I am no longer in touch with the writer within me; I am never satisfied with whatever I am writing. I feel inadequate. I do not know what I have been doing, what I am doing, or what I am going to do—not just with my blog, but with my life in general—and I realized, I am just a lost boy at this point, and this is why I decided to rename my blog one more time: Blog of a Lost Boy. I even changed my domain name to lostboy.blog to formalize it.

Yes, my current blog name represents how I view my current life status, and this shall be the case for quite a while. So long as I am in this state of uncertainty about my life, my blog’s name will remain as such as well. Because at the end of the day, I am just a lost boy, and I am not ready to be found.


Prompt: Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.


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