0 The Fool

the clouds rolled in and covered my skies,
dark they have become like my sun will never rise.
the winds were piercing and the rain was cold,
all these were brought in by endings unforetold.

now the clouds are gone and i can see all the stars
against the clear evening skies, glistening like scars
of past hurts i can’t erase, but learned to wear so well;
now my card has turned and has a new story to tell.

my skies are now all orange and yellow,
and today is my yesterday’s tomorrow.
gone has my  winter, and come has my spring;
the buds and blossoms are finally unfolding.

the ice has melted, and the fields are green
as a new love story i have clearly foreseen.
behold, as life has given me someone brand new,
afraid i am not to tell the world that it’s you.

you took away my all of pain and gave me joy,
you have no idea how make me feel, boy.
you’ve given me spark enough to fuel a flame
you’re now my muse for my works that people acclaim.

you turned out to be a poet and made me your muse,
offering me odes and lyrics i will never refuse.
you have given me feelings i have never had;
wrote that i’m special—a thing none has done for this lad.

you wrapped me in your constant warm embrace
as i let everything in me fall into place.
these words i am frightened to write or say
as they might also scare you and drive you away.

a fool i am, this i very well recognize,
but i am not a fool to let this end in good-byes.
so at the edge of this cliff this fool now stands,
ready to take a leap of faith, wherever it lands.

the world knows how my heart to you is anchored,
hoping our lives are twined by destiny’s red cord.
and there is something else that to you i want to say:
it is what i feel for you every hour of every day.

so now i spread my heart on the table like tarot
because i have been shot by Eros’s arrow.
this time, i will let my heart, not my head, to rule
for you also seem brave enough to love the fool.

The Fool 01“0 The Fool” is read as “Love the Fool,” referencing the first card of the Major Arcana from Rider-Waite tarot deck and how 0 is pronounced as love in tennis.  The Fool is card 0, giving it a special role in any tarot deck. Without a fixed number, the Fool is unbound and free. The Fool symbolizes new beginnings, taking a leap of faith, starting an adventure, and pure and unbridled potential. In a reading, this card can ask you to consider the timeless conundrum of the Fool: being naïve, leaping unprepared, and facing disaster. The Fool is also a reminder that there are no right or wrong decisions. The most important thing: the Fool advises you, is to say yes to life in whatever way feels expansive for you.


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