The Princess and the Knight

Two souls were born—one a boy; the other, a girl.

The girl dreamed of nothing but butterflies and being a princess. She was happy. Always happy. Although lacking in gold and jewellery, she was a princess in her own way. She works hard for her family; she works harder for her faith. She is crowned with the jewel of faith and affection.

The boy is nothing more than the girl. He lives a simple life, carries out simple jobs, loves simple people. Just like the girl, he works hard for his family, and works harder for his faith. He is a knight in his own way. Adorned with the armor from god, he battles with to win over souls and lead them to eternal life that there is.

One day, these two souls met—the princess and the knight.

The knight, with his strong affection for the princess and his stronger love for God, wooed the princess and won her hands. The princess, happy as she is, said yes to knight’s request to be his queen. And with the greater love from above, their marriage shall be a threefold cord bond—with the knight, the princess, and God to lead them.


My friend requested me to write a short poetic and fancy narrative for our friend’s wedding. I want to attend the wedding this coming first of May, but I cannot due to financial restrictions for my travelling expenses. So this is the best that I can do to contribute for her wedding, to write something fancy about her and her soon-to-be husband.


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