The Pedicab Incident

This is a pedicab, commonly known as padyak (Filipino for “to kick” or “to pedal”) or trisikad [try-see-kahd] (a portmanteau of tri- for “three” and the Hiligaynon word sikad, which means “to kick” or “to pedal”) in the Philippines.

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This serves as one of the most common mode of transportation in the local area, especially for short distances. Not only that it provides livelihood for the locals, but it also aids people by giving them comfort and convenience during hot or rainy weather.

This post is not about the pedicab itself, but what happened to me a few years back, around 2009.

I was outside our place of worship, waiting for the service to begin, along with my friends. I was looking at the streets where pedicabs where going to and fro. Suddenly, a thought came into my mind, and I blurted out: “Wouldn’t it be stupid for a man to get hit by a pedicab? I mean, who is that stupid to get hit by a pedicab?”

My friends gave a short chain of laughter, but dismissed the idea and quickly talked about stuff related to our service meeting that was soon to start. A few minutes later, I felt hungry. Conveniently, there was a store just across the street, so I decided to grab some grub before the service starts.

After buying a bottle of water and some crackers, I heard the instrumental being played, which means that there are only at least five minutes before the service. Trying not to be late, I hurriedly raced across the street, not seeing and incoming pedicab. And yes, I got hit by that pedicab. I was knocked on my feet, and I lay on the ground for a few seconds before the very apologetic driver helped me stand.

I was fine, laughing actually for the irony of events. My friends were laughing just across the street. After assuring the pedicab driver that I was fine and told him to go on his way, I made my way back to my friends who were then laughing harder. One of them asked me, “So who’s the stupid man who got hit by a pedicab?”

Needless to say, I was the stupid man.


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