November 23, 2013: Whose Day Is It?

So recently, One Direction has announced a big day for them and their fans, the 1DDay, “an exciting opportunity for everyone everywhere to take part in a unique global event, providing an exclusive insight into the lives of One Direction—and the people around them. 1D Day will consist of a seven hour stream, filmed live from a television studio and comprising a whole host of special features, celebrity guests and content created by” their fans.

This sounds pretty exciting for their fans; however, there seems to be a little problem. This:

The longest-running British sci-fi show, Doctor Who, also celebrates its fiftieth (50th) anniversary on that day and is airing a special episode, The Day of the Doctor, to celebrate the event. There are a lot of people who have been waiting for this for months and even years!

Whovians, as the fans refer themselves (which also include myself), seem to take this announcement in different ways. Some are aggressive about it, saying One Direction should reschedule their 1DDay to avoid conflict with the Day of the Doctor, while some take it lightly and seem to be okay with it. Some just not care at all, being too happy for the Day of the Doctor. So it there really a problem?

Personally, I do not think there is something wrong here. November 23 is not an exclusive date for the Day of the Doctor alone. There are many events and festivities being celebrated on this day all around the world; some are anniversaries that are even older than Doctor Who. And I think anyone can announce whatever event they want to celebrate or launch on this day. Just because it’s your birthday does not mean that day is all yours and no one else should celebrate another event on that day.

To my fellow Whovians, remember that the Doctor taught us that no one is “not important.” The 1D fandom is just as important for them as ours is for us. So why can’t we just share this day with them? Does it mean that if they celebrate their 1DDay, the Day of the Doctor will be cancelled, postponed, ruined? I don’t think so. So what if the social networking sites on the Internet will be filled with 1D-related hashtags and post? Will that ruin Doctor Who? If we want to separate ourselves from them, we have to act maturely. As long as they don’t dis the Day of the Doctor, I do not think there is a problem.

Let’s just celebrate the day we want to celebrate, whether it is the Day of the Doctor or 1DDay. I’m sure the Doctor does not want us to wage war on someone else’s fandom.

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  1. 1D and Doctor Who appeal to (separate) audience. If you’re a fan of both, show times vary (I reckon) so manage (your schedule) wisely.
    I am a Doctor Who fan, looking forward to see it in big screen.
    Woo hoo! xx

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