Dust in Dauin: My Fleeting Summer Experience in Bahura Resort and Spa

Last week, I was out of the office—literally the entire week. We went to attend a wedding in Sta. Catalina, Negros Oriental, and after which, we went to different swimming spots—water falls, cold springs, and a beach resort. The best among these three is the beach resort we went to: Bahura Resort and Spa in Maayongtubig, Dauin, Negros Oriental. This post will be my review about the place, the price, and the food they offer.

The Place: 4/5

Situated in a lush, five-hectare coconut plantation twenty minutes from Dumaguete City, this resort is not only a great jump-off point for any diving expedition. It also offers the finest accommodation in Dauin with right luxurious villas and thirty-two well-appointed rooms, plus facilities, such as and a PADI dive center. They also have two free-form infinity pools, the deepest point of which is thirteen feet—which I was able to reach without using any enhancements, the first time because of an accident and the second time because I was showing off to the other guests who kept on saying that it was impossible to reach the bottom.

Also, the place is not crowded (or so it seemed when were there on a Saturday), which makes it a good place for group of family bonding. Their main swimming spot is their free-form infinity pools, but you can also choose to swim on the beach front; however, you have to pay an additional fifty pesos (50.00 PHP) as they are located on a marine reserve. You can also rent snorkeling equipments on their dive shop for 150.00 PHP (mask) or 250.00 PHP (full snorkeling equipments).

There are also a lot of coconut trees in the resort, giving the place a cool shade. Worry not since these trees do not have nuts to threaten your head’s safety.

(c) Charles Levie Lagman (Instagram: @butchukoylagman)
(c) bahura.com
(c) bahura.com
(c) bahura.com
(c) bahura.com
Instagram: @kirbikit

How to get there

The Price: 4/5

Their entrance is five hundred pesos (500.00 PHP) per head, which may seem a bit expensive if you think about it, but it really is not. Included in the fee is the day use of their pools from nine in the morning to six in the evening and a set lunch (which is also really good).

The Food: 4/5

Some say that 500.00 PHP is a bit expensive for the set lunch, but no, it is not. I am not sure if they offer the same food every day, but when we were there, their menu included egg drop soup as appetizer; a choice of grilled fish (tarugho, tuna, or tanguige), grilled pork, buttered chicken, and sotanghon guisado; and for dessert, they offered mango pandan (a bowl of mango puree with diced mangoes and diced pandan-flavoured jelly). These may sound a bit cheap, but the serving size and the quality of the food are superb.

Grilled Tarugho (Instagram: @kirbikit)
Grilled Tuna (Instagram: @kirbikit)

All in all, I give the place 4/5 rating. And yes, I surely will be going back there and recommend it to anyone who wish to experience a great summer swimming time in Negros Oriental. To learn more about the resort and their other services offered, visit their website at www.bahura.com.


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