Swings the heart that beats for you
as a pendulum of lonely emotions—
of pain, of sorrow, of longing, of uncertainty
as these lines echo the ever unsure state of love.
Flow the tears of regrets that shed for our past
as a river of melancholy, rippling with remorse.
Breathe the lungs that hurt for years
as it drowns from all the pain of overthinking
as these thoughts swarm over my sanity
while you sleep soundly at night, far away from me.
Hurts the love that waned before its actual fruition
as the chorus of this song fades to its untimely demise
like the sunset at a midnoon of a sad August day.
Bears the tree a fruit of romance, but never flowers—
like our love that’s meant to exist, but never blossom.
Whispers the voice that is kept hidden inside my aching heart
like the box of Pandora, waiting to be opened and unleash its misery
as I pen these words at three o’clock in the morning.


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